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Why February is the cruelest month: The Salt Project

Somebody please get me a margarita. Quick. But hold the salt. According to a new federal report, people like me–over 51, with high blood pressure–should limit their salt consumption to 1500 milligrams a day.  That’s about half a teaspoon. In … Continue reading

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The Ice Season Cometh

Haphazard no more: Goal-setting and training as the key to a successful ice-climbing season. Continue reading

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Transit follies of my own making

I thought I had the NYC subway system figured out by now. I’ve been a regular–if not daily–MTA underground customer for five years. If my destination is too far to walk or my load too heavy or awkward, I take … Continue reading

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Don’t let this guy belay you

Good thing he’s only a mannikin–or would that be “dummy?” This dude is part of the window display for The North Face store at 74th and Broadway in New York, N.Y.  If you look closely, you’ll see he’s not quite … Continue reading

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A Badass Not-so-old Chick

Angie’s still a young sprout, relatively speaking, but here’s the kind of moxie I’m talking about:  She’s doing this pitch blindfolded.  As in: Can’t See Shit. Our esteemed guide Kitty Calhoun of Chicks with Picks suggested this as a way … Continue reading

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In Celebration of Badass Old Chicks

“It’s not like the old days.” I used to hear that a lot from one of my old bosses, back when I was practicing law. Richard was a master of the side-step, so it was a suitably vague phrase, but … Continue reading

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This could be the start of something……weird

Welcome to my blog.  There, I said it. This is not what I had in mind when I signed up for that expensive ivy league graduate degree in journalism. I was thinking more along the lines of “beat reporter” or … Continue reading

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